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LANAP® PerioLase MVP-7

The alternative to periodontal surgery.

WHY IS THE LANAP® PROCEDURE better for the treatment of gum disease?

The LANAP® Procedure is about as easy as erasing a blackboard, there's NO CUTTING and NO SUTURING.

There's much less discomfort with the LANAP® Protocol than with standard periodontal surgery -- during and after the procedure.

It takes less time than traditional periodontal surgery. All it takes is two 2-hour visits to the dentist and two follow up visits. Traditional periodontal surgery requires four sessions of about one hour each, with subsequent visits for suture removal and additional check-ups.

LANAP® gives better, longer-lasting results. In fact, 98% of LANAP® treated patients remain stable after five years.

After the laser treatment a soft diet is recommend for several days. In most cases patients will feel good enough to eat anything they want after the procedure, specific instructions will be given to you based on your dental needs.

There's less than 24 hour recovery period, so you won't lose time from work.

The LANAP® Procedure is safe for patients with health concerns such as diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, or those taking medications such as Plavix or aspirin.

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